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Metriz Jewelry is a family owned and operated business, specializing in custom handmade jewelry designs. Created exclusively for women of elegant distinction, by master designer Christiana Younge. After years as an accomplished pastry chef at various prestigious London and New York restaurants, Christiana decided to pursue her dream of jewelry making. Born in Ghana West Africa, Christiana always had a love for african beads. Her passion for jewelry and fashion with african influence, inspired her unique design concept. Combining african Krobo beads with Western style, created the foundation for Metriz Jewelry. Starting her own jewelry design company, provided Christiana an avenue to express her creative talents. Metriz Jewelry proudly boast an impressive collection of exquisite patented designs, which can be customized to match any dress, theme or occasion. This jewelry making concept provides our customers with a unique fashion statement, creating a long lasting impression. We invite you to take an adventure with us in creating a unique style for unique people, who wish to achieve that unforgettable look. We thank you for visiting our web site, and invite you to experience the luxor andmagnificence of Metriz Jewelry.


Beauty from a Bottle Metriz Jewelry uses Krobo beads. Krobo beads are traditional glass beads from Ghana, produced on the Krobo mountains by the Krobo people. These beautiful African beads are handmade, made from recycled glass and bottles, they are still composed in open-sided thatch-roofed huts, using traditional labor intensive methods. The bottles and other glass pieces are first washed and classified by colors. They are then disintegrated into small particles or battered with a metal mortar and pestle, and seived to obtain a fine powder for making glass beads. Ceramic dyes provides the glass powder the different colors required. Bead making is a craft that has been passed down through the generations among the Krobo people.

Uses for the Krobo Beads

• Accessories • Clothing • Crafts • Handbags • Jewelry • Shoes




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